I began working with Walter because I had developed severe back and abdominal pain. I have always been very active and used to go to the gym 6 days a week. However, the pain prevented me from doing anything physical and soon interfered with every day activities. I tried rest, physical therapy and medical interventions, yet nothing would make the pain go away until I saw Walter. I was not being able to work out for almost a year and was feeling very depressed, but after seeing Walter for myofascial release and craniosacral therapy, my pain is much better and I am finally able to work out again.  
I really felt very comfortable with Walter. He is also extremely professional and knowledgeable about the interactions of muscle groups and fascia, and about various massage therapy techniques.  I also felt that he genuinely cared about helping me get better, which was very comforting. Walter helped me finally resolve my pain issues and helped me feel happy and like myself again. I definitely recommend him!
--Nadine NY, NY

I first came to Walter after a death in my family, when I was finding it difficult to function at all. After only one session I was so much more centered that I was able to go back to work. He also took away pain caused by chronic headaches. I highly recommend him!     -- Elizabeth NY , NY 

I came to Walter because I had severe lower back, hip and leg pain that was preventing me from playing sports and even from walking around comfortably.  Happily, the sessions helped the pain to disappear completely. I was able to return to yoga, soccer, dance, and martial arts with great ease of movement.  
I was not sure what to expect with craniosacral therapy. It turned out to be incredibly deep and powerful. During sessions, I could feel my body unlocking and energy flowing through my muscles and ligaments. Often, I would also enter a deep meditation which left me very relaxed and balanced. 
During some sessions, I was able to access feelings I had repressed, and thus let them go consciously. Since Walter is very gentle and explains everything he is doing, I was able to release emotions over time without the process feeling overwhelming. Bit by bit, this process has transformed my personal and creative life to an amazing degree.
What's great about Walter is that he is a gifted healer who has created excellent change in my body and life, yet he is totally straightforward, and super-professional. It's like being able to see an intuitive shaman and a top western medical clinician rolled into one--the best of both worlds.  
--Franziska  NY,NY

Absolutely first rate therapist, with a huge range of skills and the intuition to use them.
--Marilyn Green, Long Island, NY