An integrative "hands on"  approach for the treatment of Post Concussion Syndrome.

Craniosacral Therapy is an important component of concussion rehabilitation. 

Post Concussion Syndrome is becoming  well known in the media and sports world. Even seemingly mild accidents can have a deleterious effect. Symptoms are wide ranged and can vary from patient to patient. Patients can become frustrated when symptoms persist long after the accident and medical tests come back showing normal results. They often wonder if they will ever recover.

Symptoms often include:

Vision changes
Difficulty concentrating/remembering
Ringing in the ears
Loss of balance
Sensitivity to light/noise
Emotional sensitivity 

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a a light touch system of manual therapy that  helps release the stressed tissues in the brain and nervous system and restore mobility, fluid flow, and function. CST also helps to release tension in the autonomic nervous system, which is often a contributing factor in symptoms.

The Autonomic Nervous System

"a missing link in PCS"

To effectively work with PCS, it is necessary to have an understanding of trauma and the autonomic nervous system.  Concussions can often result in a dysregulated nervous system keeping a person in a constant state of "fight/flight" or dissociation.  This can cause mood swings, emotional lability,  and decreased executive functioning. As long as the nervous system is in an agitated state, it will be difficult to fully recover. CST helps settle the ANS and discharge stress energy trapped in the body.

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