Somatic (body-oriented)Therapies are holistic therapies and approaches that work with the body to facilitate the mind/body connection for healing, stress release, and optimal wellness.  Somatic Therapy helps people connect with their felt sense and "inner power". Somatic therapy practices including breathwork, movement, and touch to facilitate awareness of tension patterns and constriction. They help improve body awareness, connection, self regulation and overall well-being.

Integrative Somatic Therapy (IST) is a trauma informed approach developed by Walter Blick, based on modern neuroscience and eastern wisdom that integrates manual therapy (craniosacral therapymyofascial release) with various mind/body modalities and brain balancing practices including: somatic experiencing, mindfulness, imagery, breathwork, brain integration exercises, martial arts, and to facilitate nervous system regulation, stress/pain reduction, trauma resolution, and improved posture/body awareness. IST integrates structure, energy, and consciousness. This approach is an effective way to work with a wide range of chronic health conditions and enhance overall wellbeing. IST is NOT psychotherapy or mental health counselling. 

"When we work through the body we engage with the fundamental life energy that animates and shapes who we are. When we connect with this core energy we contact a vast reservoir of wisdom, compassion, and intelligence that we have neglected"
-Richard Strozzi-Heckler (The Art of Somatic coaching)

Integrative Somatic Therapy works with structure, energy, and consciousness drawing from many fields of study including: neurobiology, osteopathy, somatic psychology, focusing, positive psychology, trauma theory, occupational therapy, energy medicine, and martial arts.

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